Friday, March 17, 2006

OO Morrowind Mod

If you've played Morrowind, you're probably aware of all the mods out there. Some of them are amazing, but it's very time-consuming to sort through the huge number of mods and select the ones that are worthwhile.

That's where the Octopus Overlords mod comes in. It's a compendium of great mods. Here's an excerpt from the mod manual (yes, it's got a manual):
This disk is intended to take you from ‘CDs on your desk’ to a fully updated, tuned, copy of Morrowind, complete with a baseline of plugins upon which you can build your own personal collection. The goal here was to create a master basic list of plugins that would appeal to everybody.

...You will find bug fixes, empty houses, tweaks, visual and auditory improvements, extra clothing and armor, adventures, and a bunch of other things, but great care has been taken to ensure that, once you work your way through this list, your game will be, at its heart, the same great game that Bethesda Softworks gave to us back in May of 2002. The choices are not unbalancing, and were chosen for their quality and stability. Once they are installed you will have a nice, clean baseline from which you can add your own, more personal choices.

It's a great idea, and the execution is top quality. And even though Morrowind came out in 2002, I think it still looks terrific. Morrowind wasn't an innovative game, necessarily, but it was incredibly polished and a wonderful adventure. I still remember the first time I was enveloped by a dust storm, which was a gaming moment I'll never forget.

Here's the Octopus Overlords forum thread that discusses the project:

Here's a link to the torrent (due to the size of the file--over 600 megs):

And if, by some chance, you've never played Morrowind, I'd highly recommend doing so before you play Oblivion, because it's a very richly drawn, interesting world, and I think it will make your experience playing Oblivion even better.

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