Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Good Luck Sign

From (Yahoo):
PARIS (Reuters) - A flying penis, voluminous robes and a call to release a convicted prisoner -- British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood brought it all to Paris in a shrill show on Tuesday.

...Westwood's collection included a golden suit with a wide hood, toga-style dresses in pink and purple and accessories such as a police-man style visor in sparkling gold.

I said the same thing to Gloria last week--nothing says "fashion" like flying penises. And according to Westwood, the flying penises weren't just random--they were Greek, because "The Greek penis is a good luck sign."

Well, sure, if you're Greek. But what about the rest of us? Are we victims of the penile indifference of Fate? Do we have down-on-our-luck penises or just no luck at all?

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