Friday, March 24, 2006

More Oblivion

Once I left the caverns at the beginning of the game, I thought about all the ways that the story could unfold--righting wrongs, saving the kingdom, fighting the ultimate evil.

And having thought about all that, I asked of myself: hero? Not so much. Save yourself, people. I'm tired of bailing you out of all your sorry-ass problems.

I'm the original Mr. Helpful when I play role-playing games, at least until now. I'm the dude who can always be counted on to clear out the sewers beneath town, to fix squabbles between merchants, to find cloth that will be used to make a beautiful dress for the daughter of the proud but poor family. Fifty wolf pelts? I'll get right on it.

Not this time. This dark elf, this thief, this witchhunter, has decided to look out for himself.

When I exited the sewers, it was clean and clear outside. I crossed a lake, then expored some ruins, found an abandoned fort, and saw deer running wild through the countryside. Then I headed northeast, bypassing Imperial City entirely, walking through the Heartlands, then climbing into the Jerral Mountains. As I worked my way upwards, I crossed several footbridges, and as I did I looked down and saw the forests extending down into the valley.

On my own.

I kept climbing until I reached the snow, then I worked east to Lake Arrius, then beyond to Cheydinhal. There I found my own people and enjoyed the city for a brief time before heading out again.

It's been about eight hours now. I still haven't touched the main plot--don't want to. And it all works out fine. My character's still progressing, I'm having a great time, and the world is unfolding without the story to guide me.

So if you're tired of saving the world, try discovering it this time instead.

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