Monday, April 24, 2006


Here are a couple of odd but interesting links about commuting.

First, via Slashdot, OmniNerd has the story of a commuter who gathered detailed and precise information on his 20+ minute commute--for a year. It's a pretty interesting read. Here's the link:
Beating Traffic.

I've thought about doing this for my morning drive into work. There's only one stoplight before I get onto the highway, but it's literally a 4+ minute wait between cycles (I've timed it). There's a FedEx substation near us, and they leave en masse around 8. If I get lined up with those trucks, it's a long, long, wait.

There's also an article today at MSNBC titled "The Long and Grinding Road." It's about a group they call "extreme commuters," and here's an excerpt:
"Extreme commuters" who travel more than 90 minutes to work, one way, are the fastest-growing group of commuters, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. More than 3.4 million commuters take that long road to work every day, double the rate of extreme commuters in 1990.

It's a pretty thorough article (for MSNBC), and here's the link:
Extreme Commuters.

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