Thursday, April 27, 2006

A First Time Event That We Hope Will Be a Great Success

"Hey, they're having a neighborhood event," Gloria said.

"It's about time," I said. "You know I live for those."

"Everyone is bringing food from their culture and we're all going to sample them. Look, here's the e-mail." Gloria pointed to her computer screen and I took a look.

This is a first time event that we hope will be a great success and one we can continue on an annual basis.

The vision here is to set up tables around the parking lot. Each table will represent a culture/country and will have native potluck dishes brought by the attendees. To make things more interesting tables can be decorated accordingly and include an activity or game native to each country that can be enjoyed by the attendees. Below are some of the cultures represented in our neighborhood….

Volunteers are needed to represent as many cultures as possible.

"That's fantastic!" I said. "But it needs a catchy name--how about The Dishes of Dysentery?"

I really enjoy talking to people from different cultures in our neighborhood (even the fellow next door who is Taiwanese, a Mormon, and believes in space aliens, and if you think I'm kidding, go look at the Thanksgiving post from last year). The number of cultures we have here is my single favorite thing about our neighborhood. But unless there's a health inspector at the buffet table with a thermometer and a checklist, no way am I touching any of this food. I'm forty-five and that's the age when everyone and everything starts looking like a germ bomb. In another five years I'll go full-on Ice Station Zebra.

I'm willing to participate, though. And what's most representative of my personal culture would be an oatmeal cookie from Einstein's, a bacon and turkey sandwich from Bear Rock Cafe, and a container of yogurt. Hello, the world!

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