Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gaming Notes

Bill Abner has a Q&A with Gary Gorski about Total Pro Golf, which sounds like it could fill a giant hole in the golf game market. It's an interesting interview and you can find it here:
Total Pro Golf Q&A.

Next, Matthew Sakey has a review of Oblivion. I don't agree with the review (it's far more negative than I feel about the game), but I'm posting it because Matt's an interesting writer and his work is always worth reading. Here's the link:
Oblivion Review.

It's not that Matt doesn't make some valid points--he does, certainly--but I think a game as huge as Oblivion can always be faulted. What's good about the game so overwhelms the negative that I still think, unquestionably, it's the PC game of the year.

Glen Haag sent me a link to a video review of DS Tetris from a site called "The Game Rag." Damn, those guys are funny. Really funny. Here are a few of their latest headlines:
--France Culture Minister Knights Sonic the Hedgehog
--Isiah Thomas Baffled by GM Mode in NBA 06
--Street Fighter II's Zangief Admits to Abusing Steroids
--IGN Says Swiss Miss: The Video Game is "delicious!"

Here's one more news excerpt:
Capcom announced today that they would finance a film adaptation of the video game adaptation of the film adaptation of their Street Fighter franchise.

For gaming, that's Onion quality. Here's the link:
The Game Rag.

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