Thursday, April 27, 2006


From CNN:
Nintendo officially ditched its long-used codename for its next generation machine Thursday, revealing Wii as the final name for the product.


"Revolution" was a great name for a console. It might well have been the greatest console name ever. So, of course, Nintendo changed it to something totally incomprehensible.

Don't even try to tell me you're surpriised. Nintendo is your slightly creepy uncle who never made it past the fourth grade and can't have a normal conversation, but he's a world-class banjo player.

Nintendo is both incomprehensibly brilliant and incomprehensibly stupid, often in the same hour. They get far more credit these days for games they didn't make. You know, like this: "Katamari Damacy? Great game. It's the kind of game Nintendo would make." Except, of course, Nintendo didn't make it.

Instead, they made their sixtieth Mario game. Or the third version of the Nintendo DS.

I still think the Revolution (excuse me--"Wii") is a novel, terrific concept. But Nintendo has no capacity for its own brilliance.

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