Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Lots of good stuff happening today.

Remember the press release a few weeks ago that Project Entropia was tying their vitual economy into a real bank card? I know, I jumped all over that as being a preview of the future, and I'd link to that post if I could find the freaking thing.

Here's a link to MindArk's original press release, though.

Well, Wharton professor Dan Hunter wasn't impressed, and he posted his thoughts in a blog. Whereupon MindArk's CEO Jan Welter Timkrans, um, flew into a tizzy and acted like an asshole. Timkrans is sort of like the StarForce PR guy, only funnier.

Oh, and Hunter detailed the entire saga. You can read all about it here (thanks Joystiq). And the comments below the story are well worth reading as well.

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