Friday, May 26, 2006

StarForce: So Long

I'm sure this will break your heart, just like it broke mine. From Gamasutra:
European-headquartered game publisher CDV has announced that it will be stopping its use of the controversial StarForce PC copy protection scheme, in a short press statement which explained that, "in response to consumer demand", it will be be migrating to TAGES copy protection for future game releases.

Hey! They said "in response to consumer demand." Way to go, consumers!

What companies does StarForce have left at this point? I thought CDV was the largest one remaining, and now they've set sail. I think the answer is probably "not much." Effectively, StarForce appears to be finished.

There are several interesting morals to this story. One is that organized consumers can have a tremendous effect on the policies of companies--even game companies. Also, if a company acts like they're crazy long enough, people will start to believe them. Every time someone from StarForce said anything, it was so bizarre that it made you question the software itself.

I can't wait to hear the StarForce PR rep blame the Russian Mafia or the Da Vinci Code or Bighorn Sheep From Outer Space for this.

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