Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Total Pro Golf Course Designer Released

Like I've mentioned previously, this is a game worth keeping an eye on. Gary Gorski is very talented, and Total Pro Golf has excellent potential. It was also a terrific idea to release the course designer before the game, so that people can be working on their favorite courses in advance.

Wolverine Studios Announces Release of Total Pro Golf Course Designer
Troy, MI May 23, 2006 - Wolverine Studios, a leading developer of computer game sports simulations, is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated Total Pro Golf Course Designer. The TPG Course Designer is available free of charge for digital download from Wolverine Studios.

The TPG Course Designer allows users to easily and quickly create beautiful 2D renditions of golf courses for use in the upcoming game Total Pro Golf. Total Pro Golf is scheduled for a Q3 release exclusively online from Wolverine Studios. Featuring a simple to use interface, the TPG Course Designer allows anyone the opportunity to be able to create a course in a short period of time. Novice users can take advantage of the stock textures and easy click-to-design interface while more advanced users can take full advantage of the powerful course design tool by creating custom texture sets to use and share with the community. This unique application also gives users the ability to import entire pictures of holes to adapt for use with Total Pro Golf.

Critically acclaimed sports sim developer Gary Gorski, lead developer of Total Pro Basketball 2003, Total Pro Basketball 2005 and Total College Basketball, has created a robust yet easy to use tool allowing for a wide array of course design possibilities giving gamers the opportunity to recreate their favorite courses or bring their very own creative ideas to the screen to share with the community.

For more information on Total Pro Golf and the Total Pro Golf Course Designer please visit the official website of Wolverine Studios at www.wolverinestudios.com.

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