Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yes, There Were a Few Scratches

Gloria rents DVD's from Blockbuster, because Eli 4.9 likes to go look at the boxes before he makes up his mind. Yesterday, he came home with the cartoon version of Hercules.

Here's the thing about getting children's DVD's from Blockbuster, though: apparently, the first thing every parent does when they get one of these discs home is use it to test their belt sander. Then they take an ice pick and let their kid jab at the disc for another five minutes or so. Then they play frisbee with it in a gravel pit.

Every single kid's DVD we get from them is like that. This one actually had a piece of the inner plastic ring missing, with two more pieces ready to break off, like teeth giving way. So I took out a Tom and Jerry DVD I'd been saving for an emergency, and we watched that instead.

Sitting on the couch with Eli 4.9 and watching Tom and Jerry, with both of us laughing our asses off, is one of those little moments when you're really, really glad to be a father.

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