Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Space Mountain

I forgot one Eli 4.9 story from Disney.

For some reason, he convinced himself that he wanted to ride Space Mountain. If you've never heard of Space Mountain, it's essentially a roller coaster in the dark. In outer space, ostensibly.

It seemed like a terrible idea, given that he was about 1/16" over the minimum height requirement, and he's very tall for his age, and the chances of him screaming in fear the whole time seemed to be about 99%.

The little guy kept insisting, though, and we finally gave in. I figured if it really scared him, he'd listen the next time I said he was too young to go on a ride.

Did I mention that Space Mountain is dark? As in pitch black, most of the time. It was totally disorienting and not really very fun--not because of the rollercoaster itself, but because you just couldn't see anything. Gloria and Eli were in the car in front of me (only two to a car), so I couldn't see how he was reacting, but I expected to see him sobbing or screaming in terror when we exited.

The ride finally ended, and the cars came back into the light and stopped. Eli 4.9 got out, looked at me--wide-eyed--and said "That BLEW MY MIND!"

"It did?"

"YES! I'm not going to ride that again until I'm FIFTY!"


"It was too curvy, too bouncy, and I couldn't see a THING!"

I felt the same way.

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