Monday, May 15, 2006

E3 Coverage

Okay, here's the plan for E3 content, and the reason I'm mentioning "a plan" instead of just posting something is that I am really wiped out today. I'll have something up later but it's going very slowly.

Here's what will go up during the week, though:
--my E3 impressions based on being at the show.
--a round-up of other E3 coverage from the major sites (GWJ, Gamespot, that highlights interesting-sounding games that are off the beaten track. Hey--GWJ is more interesting than the other two put together. That's why they're listed first.
--a long preview of Paraworld, based on a 30-minute session we had with Thomas Langhanki and Julian Dasgupta.

So lots of stuff, and also some Rise of Legends impressions (probably Thursday), along with some Eli 4.9 stories (lots of those available).

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