Friday, May 12, 2006

Failed Success

After reading the Dreamfall impressions post, Sirius sent me a link to a very funny and interesting website called Failed Success.

It has some totally obscure and bizarre stories, like the U.S. Department of Defense conducting research during WWII into using BATS as weapons. That's right, bats. Here's an excerpt:
Dr. L.F. Fisser designed two different sizes of incendiary bombs that could be surgically attached to the loose flap of skin on the chest of the bat with a surgical clip and some string. One model weighed seventeen grams and would burn for four minutes with a ten inch flame. The other weighed twenty eight grams and would burn for six minutes with a twelve inch flame.

I know, you think that's crazy. It is, but it's also apparently true--there are links at the bottom of the story to a book on the subject at, as well as a link to a Wikipedia article. It's an amazing story, and here's the link:
Bat Bombs!

There are plenty of other interesting articles as well, including a story on Robert Wadlow, who at 8'11" was the tallest person in recorded history.

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