Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Terrifying Vision of the Future

I had an entirely frightening thought today.

I was thinking about the flexible display panels that can be rolled up--they're not in production yet, but they will be within a few years, at most. And I was also thinking about the NBA playoffs, because I'm really looking forward to Game 7 of the Suns-Lakers playoff series tonight (I'm writing this Saturday afternoon). Also, I was thinking about advertising and how it's becoming even more invasive.

That's when it hit me: some day, maybe not that far in the future, athletes in some sports will not be wearing sponsor's logos on their jerseys anymore. They'll be wearing sponsor's displays. That's right--LeBron James will line up for a free throw, and on the front of his jersey there will be an 8"x8" flexible display panel, displaying a looping commercial for Nike.

I bet it happens in soccer first, since that sport seems to take on-uniform advertising to new heights.

The future: even weirder than Philip K. Dick imagined.

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