Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gaming Links

Here's a video of Supreme Commander, which is Chris Taylor's new RTS. It's pretty staggering, and here's the link: Supreme Commander.

Actually, what I just wrote is a bit misleading. That video is more than staggering.

DQ reader peterb has a blog called Tea Leaves and it's very entertaining and well-written. Here's a link to an Oblivion article, and like I said, he's an excellent and interesting writer:
Tea Leaves.

There's a very interesting profile of Chris Delay of Introversion (Uplink, Darwinia) in the last issue of The Escapist, and you can find it here. The article also mentions that DefCon could be released "in the next few weeks," which is great news.

There's also an article about the Japanese doujin games scene, which is described in the article this way: Doujin soft to indie, is very loosely what Manga is to graphic novels. Independent games have a much more dedicated following in Japan, and "Doujin A Go Go, Baby!" is a long and extremely good read. Here's the link: Doujin.

Finally, from Fredrik Skarstedt, a link to a new PC project in the spirit of Guitar Hero: Freetar. Here's the description:
This is the first of a two-part project to create a totally FREE PC rhythm based game that you can use any game pad with. Including guitar-shaped ones. Create and play your own songs, the way YOU want.

The beta version of the editor will be released to the public soon, with the game portion a little later on.

As Fredrik pointed out, a USB converter to allow the Guitar Hero controller to be used on a PC is easy to find. Check out the demo video--it's very impressive. Here's the link:

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