Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Guitar Hero Trainer!

Here's a fantastic link from Guitar Hero Demi-God Matt Gindt (who's 5-starred 23 of 30 songs on Expert). What is it? Here's an excerpt from the site:
VGSPlayer is a Windows song player application for the PS2 game Guitar Hero™. It allows you to insert your game disc into your PC DVDROM drive and play back the songs while watching a scrolling view of the notes along with an animated fret board playing in sync with the music.

Main Features:
--Play back any song on the game disc and jump right to a specific part of a song. No more waiting to get to the hard parts.
--The Speed control allows you to slow the song down to observe the fast/complex parts in detail. This is done using audio time-stretching, so the overall pitch of the song does not change with the speed.
--An Animated fret display shows the fret button presses for a given difficulty setting.
--Optionally, the software can hint early presses for upcoming notes. In theory, this should help users find more efficient ways to play fast/complex passages by reducing the number of finger movements.
--A Click track functions as a metronome or to illustrate strum timing.
--A loop mode lets you repeat a set of bars to help learn harder parts.

This program doesn't support the Guitar Hero controller--yet. You just play along unconnected, but it's still really helpful. However, controller support is listed as a possible future feature. Freaking amazing. Here's the link:
Guitar Hero Trainer.

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