Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More E-mail

From DQ reader Wig (who sends very funny e-mails in general):
On Friday morning, a few of us were standing around in the lab, drinking coffee. I turned to Jim, who I know is an avid runner, and asked him:

Me: "So Jim, you run pretty much every day, right?"
Jim: "Yeah, almost every day."
Me: "How do you recover that fast? I can't go more than 3 times a week."
Jim: "Well, I only run about 2 miles each time, so it's not that big of a deal."
Me: "2 Miles! Man, I don't even hit my glide path until after 3!"

Jim: "... glide path?"
Me: "Glide path."
Jim: "cool."

A few hours later, I went to Jim's desk to ask him a question. He was typing furiously.

Me: "Jim, I need to ask you something qui-"
Jim: "WAIT! Give me 5 minutes! I'm in the glide path."
Me: "......"
Jim: "oh yeah, I said glide path."

See, it's catching on already.

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