Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All My Friends Know the Low Rider (Part 2--Part 1 is above)

You can see why I posted that picture. I could never convey the elegance of that low rider in words. And what put it over the top for me were the guys inside the car: Hispanic, white, and black, all perfectly stereotyped. And that's why it was so funny: everyone was stereotyped.

I saw that yellow button on the hood, and before I pressed it, I had a dream. I knew it was impossible, this dream, but I had it anyway.

And when I pressed the button, a song began to play, and my dream was answered: it was War's "Low Rider."

If you don't know what that song sounds like, listen to this: Low Rider (it's a great video, too).

That wasn't, all though. No, playing "Low Rider" wasn't enough. This little toy car also had a mini-suspension system that made the car go up and down--with a neon light underneath the body.

Hell, yes, I bought it. Ten dollars. And it's on my desk right now.

I press that yellow button every single day.

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