Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dinner, Breakfast

We went to dinner last night.

I had to untie my entrée.

A good friend was visiting from England on business, and he was staying in downtown Austin. He wanted to eat Japanese food, so I found a highly-rated restaurant a few blocks from his hotel.

I ordered "bamboo salmon." It arrived inside a bamboo husk, like a little salmon book bag, nicely bound up in twine.

In case you're wondering, food knots are more difficult than regular knots, possibly due to the element of surprise.

I'm glad I didn't order the tuna--I heard it came handcuffed.

This restaurant also had techno music playing for ambience. And when I went to the bathroom, I saw that the sinks were modified woks.

The food, however, was excellent.

This morning, there was a big wreck on the highway as I was driving in, and I sat stopped in traffic for an extra fifteen minutes. As I pulled into the Einstein's parking lot, I was nearly hit twice by crazed bagel purchasers.

Once inside, after selecting my oatmeal cookie, I took my large soda cup and filled it up. I put a lid on the cup, then turned to get a straw, but my arm smacked into the cup and it overturned, the lid failing utterly and soda and ice spilling everywhere.

"Oops," said a pleasant woman behind me. I turned and she was smiling.

"That is exactly what I was thinking," I said. "Oops starts with an "F", right?"

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