Thursday, November 30, 2006

More From the Van

From DQ reader Eduardo X:
My sister has those same damn speakers sitting unused in her living room. I think her husband got them for $200, though.

Wikipedia has a whole damn page dedicated to that scam:

I am almost sure there are marketing schools where people learn to scam folks with the speakers.

Lots of interesting stuff in that Wiki, by the way.

Also, from Chuck, who let me know that this scam has extended way beyond the U.S.:
I really laughed out loud when I read the Speakers & Vans stories - I didn't know that this was an international scam.

I don't know why, but I'm the only guy I know who was approached by these mobile HiFi mobsters four times within a few weeks in three different German cities!

During the third time it happened I was a District Attorney and were on my way home when the van stopped with this great offer. The guys left very fast after I told them I was highly interested: "Great - new speakers! Exactly what we need for the DA office - can you deliver them directly into the office?"

The fourth time I was in a rush, so when the van stopped next to me and the guy was about to start talking to me, I was faster and told him "I'm not interested in buying any speakers from you." He was speechless, closed the window and drove away, disappointed.

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