Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Screwed Update

A SpinRite level 4 diagnostic found one unrecoverable sector on the hard drive. So my theory, pending correction from all of you who are far brighter about this than I am, is that Windows runs fine until it needs something from that sector. Which would mean my Windows install is corrupt, but fortunately Outlook, etc., all run fine, and I can even do a .pst export with no problem.

I also replaced the power supply today, and the voltages stopped fluctuating. This new power supply (Seasonic S12 650w) is rock-solid and it is freaking silent. It's amazingly quiet.

That will be the power supply I'll use when I build the new system. This gives me a chance to put it through a one-month shakedown cruise.

So the plan right now is to try to reinstall Windows over the top of the existing installation. I can't really face up to doing that now, since we're leaving for Shrevepit on Thursday, but I could do it when we get back.

That may change in consultation with PC Jedi Master John Harwood and you guys, but that's what it looks like for now.

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