Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Certainly Why I'm Languishing in AAA

DQ reader Steve West sent this to me. From the Detroit Free Press:
The Tigers are satisfied they won't see a recurrence of the right wrist and forearm inflammation that sidelined Joel Zumaya for three games of the American League Championship Series.

Why? Club president and general manager Dave Dombrowski told WXYT-AM (1270) on Wednesday the team had concluded Zumaya's injury resulted from playing a video game, not from his powerful throwing motion.

"That was probably what was taking place," Dombrowski later told the Free Press.

Zumaya, 22, was known to play "Guitar Hero," a PlayStation 2 game in which a player uses a guitar-shaped controller to simulate the performance of popular songs.

I can't stand mainstream journalists, because they never get the important details. What's Zumaya's band name? Did he pass Cowboys From Hell on Expert?

Oh, wait--his band name was probably called Injured Reserve.

Like I said--Guitar Hero has taken over the world. And I have no complaints about that.

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