Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Notes on the Super Bowl

1. Not many people were talking about this, but I think the Colts offensive line turned in one of the most dominating performances in Super Bowl history. 42 rushing plays for 191 yards, an average of 4.54 yards a play. 38 passing attempts with one sack, and probably no more than five other plays when Manning got hit. The Bears defense hadn't been as good as it had been earlier in the season, but that's still an unbelievable level of domination.

2. I've seen every Super Bowl (I know--I'm old), and that was one of the very best quarterbacking performances I've ever seen. Almost no one else in the league could have thrown 38 passes in that weather and completed 2/3 of them. Not to mention the flawless playcalling and game management.

3. Rex Grossman is too erratic to be a starting quarterback for anyone, let alone a team in the Super Bowl. He also appears to be completely unable to read through a progression--he either heaves the ball downfield or immediately throws a swing pass to a running back. Kyle Orton did a better job of managing games last year than Grossman did this year.

I was rooting for the Colts, and by the end of the third quarter, the only concern I had was that Grossman might get hurt. That was my biggest fear, that he'd get hurt and have to come out of the game.

4. The Colts used to be derided as a finesse team. They aren't a finesse team anymore--they can line up and punch you in the mouth.

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