Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Erin Bode

When I'm writing, I like to listen to music. All kinds of music, really, but there are days when I want to listen to something soothing.

Not that I ever get stressed or anything.

I was listening to Pandora a few weeks ago, which is a terrific place to find new music, and I think I had a Bebel Gilberto station set up. So out of nowhere this song comes on, and the singer's voice is just stunning. There are a few female singers who almost send chills down my back (in a good way) because their voices are so clear and beautiful, and I knew after about ten seconds of the song that I'd found someone I really wanted to listen to.

Her name is Erin Bode, and I ordered her latest album--"Over and Over." It's just unbelievably good.

So if you're like me and there are days you just want to listen to something beautiful, you can check out her Myspace Music page here. There are four songs you can listen to, and I particularly recommend the song "Over and Over." Oh, and she's based in St. Louis, so if you like the songs and live in that area, her gigs are listed here.

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