Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swimming: Now With New Embarrassment

Today was one of those days where you feel really, really lucky.

After rain rain rain rain finally cleared away, the morning was absolutely clear. Blue skies, sunshine, temperature in the high fifties.

I would normally have waited to swim, but I had things scheduled end-to-end, so I went early. I had a secret weapon, though: with the water temperature still in the mid sixties, I broke down last week and bought a skin.

A skin, in this case, is a form-fitting, long sleeve top made out of polyester and PBT polyester. It's much thinner than a wetsuit, but it's warm and vaguely buoyant as well. So now, in addition to looking like a praying mantis wearing sunglasses with side shields, I now have a skintight red and black top.

If R. Crumb drew a super hero, it would look like me.

All I'm missing now is a cape and a sidekick.

Oh, wait--I forgot. No capes.

This was one of those perfect swims. Sure, it was cold, but the water was crystal clear and the sun was just over the trees in the east. It was one of those beautiful days that people on the California coast enjoy a hundred times a year, at least, but we get about ten of these days a year.

Also, consider this: I sat outside to eat lunch. By myself.

If anyone who knows me saw this happen, they would have been running around shrieking that it was the End Times.

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