Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cheese Chasers, We Salute You

From the Daily Mail:
Fearless competitors risk life and limb to chase giant cheese
Dozens of fearless competitors have taken part in one of the country's most bizarre and dangerous sporting challenges - chasing a giant cheese down a steep slope.

They flipped, somersaulted and tumbled their way 200 metres down the sheer face of Cooper's Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, in pursuit of the giant runaway circle of cheese.

Despite heavy rain, around 3,000 people gathered on the hillside, which in places has a 1:1 gradient, to watch the five bone-crunching downhill races.

...Jason Crowther from Pembrokeshire, west Wales, won the first race to complete a hat-trick of victories over the last three years.

Clutching the 7-8lb Double Gloucester, the bruised and battered 25-year-old said: "There's no training you can do for this. You have just got to go for it. It was a bit slippery and I heard something crack, which I think was my knee. But there aren't any tactics involved as you can probably see."

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