Monday, May 28, 2007


Gloria and Eli 5.9 went to Shreveport for their annual summer visit. As part of an international humanitarian gesture, Gloria let me stay at home.

They left Saturday morning.

While they're driving to/from Shreveport, I worry. It's a long trip (6+ hours without stopping, but longer with the traditional stop at the Tyler Zoo) and I'm not with them. My dream scenario would be a police escort in front of their car, with a van full of car parts, tires, and mechanics driving close behind.

In back of them would be the S.W.A.T. team van.

I usually spend my free time watching movies, reading, and playing games, but this weekend I might have been better served building a canoe. It rained for six hours straight last night and this morning. We average 32 inches of rain a year and we've had over 28 in less than five months.

How much rain is that? Well, that 5.6 inches/month rate is the same average monthly rate for the rainiest city in the country (not including Hawaii)--Mobile, Alabama (67 inches annually). So we have been getting pounded by rain since the beginning of the year.

Seattle? A very pedestrian 36 inches a year. They're barely in the top 50 nationally among U.S. cities. But it rains 158 days a year there. Holy crap.

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