Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As An Example...

Here are just a few of the bands that could have been included in the 80's expansion that didn't suck.

Sorry, Whitesnake didn't make the list.

Try these:
The Clash (with maybe fifty great songs to choose from)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (American Girl might be the best single song ever made for Guitar Hero. Of course, hearing it in a concert hall at a distance of twenty feet might have blurred my judgment).
Dire Straits (see my comments on The Clash)
U2 (um, duh, even though they'd be expensive)
Pink Floyd (see my comments on Dire Straits)
Midnight Oil (especially Blue Sky Mining, which is a terrific album)
The Go Go's (need a girl band)
Blondie (before they got popular)
Eurythmics (lots of great guitar riffs in "Would I Lie to You?")

That just barely scratches the surface--there are another fifteen or twenty deserving bands, easily. Plus you could throw in some curveballs (in terms of the song style) like The Moody Blues, George Clinton, the B-52's, and Rick James.

Instead, we're getting RATT, Poison, and Asia. It's like that guy you couldn't stand in high school who spent thirty minutes blow-drying his hair to feather it back (and did a head-toss every ten seconds) sending you a mix tape twenty years later.

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