Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Total Pro Golf 2

Gary Gorski is putting out a new version of Total Pro Golf, and I'm really pleased with the feature additions. See the announcement below:

Troy, MI May 22, 2007 - Wolverine Studios, a leading developer of computer game sports simulations proudly announces the features of our upcoming title Total Pro Golf 2! TPG2 features the same in depth career play as the original with these all new features.
--NEW optional Tri-click method of play (one-click method is still an option)
--NEW shot shaping options adding draw and fade shots to your arsenal
--DOUBLE the number of playable tours in the game to SIX! Work your way up on either an American or European Tour - or even crossover during your career!
--NEW chase for the "Wolverine Cup" - in game points system and playoffs on the pro tour
--NEW world player rankings added
--NEW yearly player awards given and tracked historically
--NEW methods of scheduling tournaments. Use our "auto scheduler" to randomly assign any courses you have on your hard drive to your tour schedule making changing courses a breeze and now "challenge events" are automatically rotated from year to year for you as well
--NEW player creation is a snap now with our random player generator. Choose your tour and your skill ability to start and you will get pre-generated ratings which you can edit if you like or go right into your tour career
--NEW expanded stats and almanac. Track your career winnings by tour or look at the all-time top tens in wins and major wins individually on all six tours!
--NEW courses. Four all new stunningly beautiful courses to play on!
--More NEW features : overall player ratings, weekly schedules suggested by your golf coach, expanded green view in 2D mode and many more enhancements to season and game play!

Total Pro Golf 2 is set for a Summer 2007 release and will be available for $29.95 USD from www.wolverinestudios.com.

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