Monday, May 21, 2007

Eli 5.9

Gloria has a "Girl's Night Out" once a month with a few of her friends. Last week, I took Eli 5.9 out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at the Domain. Gloria was in a restaurant in the same shopping center.

We decided to stop by and say hello on our way home. Gloria was sitting with three women that Eli's known all his life, but since the play group he was in for several years has splintered, he rarely sees them anymore. He gave everyone hugs and chatted for a minute, then it was time for us to go.

As we walked across the parking lot toward the car, he turned to me and said "It sure was nice to see those girls!"

He told me yesterday that Madeline had been following him around at recess every day at school. "Friday, she said I was handsome. I said 'Whoa, Madeline, that's pretty strong.' "


Eli went to a birthday party on Sunday at a park called Brushy Creek, which has all kinds of water-related activities.

Gloria was talking to some of the other parents, discussing the end-of-school-year presentation that's happening on Friday. In the show, Eli will be playing Abraham Lincoln.

Arjun D's mom said to Gloria, "So Eli is going to be the President?"

Just, then, Eli ran by, his swimming trunks oddly bulging. "Hey, everybody!" he yelled. "Let's put sand in our trunks!"

"Oh yeah," Gloria said. "He's definitely the President."

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