Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Me: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Gamestop announced earnings again today, and I am still wrong, wrong, wrong about them.

About a year ago (I think), I wrote that I fully expected them to implode, because the obscene margins they had on used games were so high that someone bigger than them was going to see that tasty pie and take a big bite out of it. Plus I expected the console transition to hurt them deeply, as there would be fewer used games to sell for the next-gen platforms, and less demand for the oceans of used games they had for the current-gen platforms.

Combined, that looked like a kick in the teeth, but it hasn't happened yet.

The other wrong wrong wrong note is about, curiously, Michael Vick. It's not gaming related, obviously, but I remember writing a few years ago that he was going to redefine the quarterback position in the NFL, and I thought that as he got older he would understand the responsibilities that come with having phenomenal talent.

Instead, he's repeatedly gotten into trouble off the field because of his consistently poor judgment, and now it's looking more and more like he was seriously involved in dogfighting.

I don't know where people who are entertained by watching dogs try to kill each other rank on the human scale. It's sickening. And I think this story has the potential to become an absolute nightmare for the NFL, because I guarantee you that far more players are involved in this than just Michael Vick.

It would have been hard to have been more wrong.

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