Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Links!

Lots and lots of stuff today, and it's in absolutely no particular order.

I know that games based on movies generally are required by law to suck, but even I'm somewhat impressed by this clip from The Transformers game.

If you ever wondered who was the real-life inspiration for the infamous character of Dr. Jekyll, then this is the link you've been waiting for (thanks Sirius). It may have been Dr. Thomas Weir, and here's an except from the article:
A BBC documentary, presented by Rankin, says the young Stevenson was horrified by tales of one of the notorious figures of the 17th century. Weir shocked Edinburgh society when, at 70, he revealed he had for decades practised incest, bestiality and sorcery.

Here's one more link from Sirius, and it's about--the Frisbee, which is still doing very well fifty years after its invention. Read about it here.

That's the best-ever link combo from one person: a practicing "sorcerer" who worshipped the devil and was executed, and--Frisbee!

Here's a fascinating article by Charlie Stross (noted science fiction writer) about the impossibility of ever actually colonizing the galaxy, and you can read it here.

Jack Kidwell sent in a link to a very addictive flash game called Castle Wars. Give it a play here.

Here's a hilarious link to an article from The Onion about Pac-Man Jones. If you follow pro football, it's falling-down funny, and you can read it here.

There's a wickedly funny article in the Daily Mail about a woman moving to a "peaceful" country village to live. It's called "My Year of Living Miserably in the Bigoted Village From Hell," and you can read it here.

Thanks to Pete Thistle for links to the finals performance of Paul Potts (opera singer) in "Britain's Got Talent," which you can watch here, the winner is announced here.

From watching the show, you'd think Paul Potts was living in his parents basement and only sang opera in the shower, but he had appeared in productions (as an amateur) before and had been studying voice for years, so the truth is a little fuzzier than the show presented.

ESPN has an interesting article on Carl Pavano, who signed a $40 million dollar contract with the Yankees in 2004 and has won exactly five games in three years. Along the way, he's had the most bizarre series of injuries imaginable. Read about it here.

Juan Font sends in a link to images from the annual sandcastle building contest at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort (near Vancouver, my favorite city in the world). See them here.

Finally, have you ever wanted to make music--with a Tesla coil? Skip Key sends in a link to someone doing just that, and it's amazing. Watch it here.

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