Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thanks, Gamefly

Here's the e-mail I just received from Gamefly:
Keep It Now for Only $0.00!
Major League Baseball 2K7

Save $59.99 off the retail price of $59.99

Dear William,
For a limited time, you can Keep the copy of Major League Baseball 2K7 you have rented for the special low price of just $0.00!

Even with the crap state the game was released in, and no signs of a patch FOUR MONTHS later, that's still a deal.

I know, it's probably a typo. But that's about what it's worth in its present condition.

I wish that all these people who allegedly cover the sports gaming industry would try to hold these developers accountable. Ben Brinkman had a "wrap up" session in early April in which he said, among other things, this:
"I personally think that whole fielding system sucks."

Hey, points for honesty--the fielding system really does suck. But admitting that something is shitty after you've gotten 90% of the sales shouldn't really qualify as candid, should it? And why didn't any of these "journalists" ask him about patches for the significant number of issues in the game? Why didn't anyone ask for some kind of commitment to supporting the $60 product?

Ben Brinkman has always struck me as a talented, decent guy. But what he did this year was take an early alpha and make it a beta. Four months after the game shipped, with multiple, serious issues in franchise mode, there hasn't been even one patch.

That's embarrassing.

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