Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sure, It Took Four Months, But Yes, They Did

Yes, there's a patch out for the 360 version of MLB2K7.

After busting their chops for four months over this, I'll give them credit for apparently fixing the ERA bug (involving walks) as well as adding a new fielding camera ("pole") that, while it does hurt framerates, has been almost universally well received.

I don't know if the injury bug (players in certain situations not getting put back into the lineup after coming off the DL) has been fixed or not. And while it shouldn't take four months to get this done, at least they did do it.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note: Greg Oden is a terrific kid and a great athlete, and he's going to be an All-Pro in the NBA. Kevin Durant is a terrific kid and had the best freshman year (by far) of any player in the history of NCAA basketball, and if his career isn't cut short by injuries, he'll be one of the best 50 players in NBA history.

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