Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've written about Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space before (a thorough, interesting Wikipedia entry is here:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzz_Aldrin%27s_Race_Into_Space [note: Blogger is being a complete ass about accepting the URL, for some reason, so I just pasted it in without the "http://" so that it would be accepted without the end being truncated], plus a great site about the efforts to keep the game alive is here), but I've never mentioned Liftoff! before. Liftoff! was the original board game that BARIS was based on.

My friend John Harwood forwarded me an e-mail that was written to a fan of Liftoff/BARIS by Fritz Bronner, the designer of both games. Here it is:
Update: I am planning to go the path of self publishing in paper to add to the current LIFTOFF! Boardgame with 2 -3 expansion kits and then a basic Mars game too... I have to really keep a rein on a costs... so it will be only a marginal quality improvement of the existing game... I think people would prefer I focus on gameplay than glintz at this first go -around. In
"rough" outline here is what is planned... don't hold me too it exactly yet...

Expansion module #1 with some fixes, additional enhancements, some new hardware... a new map board, additional cards and features and options...a new country player.

Expansion #2 will have the JPL game and a new country and an Alternate history country as well... plus a map add-on.

Expansion #3 will have post Lunar landing decade game and some other add-ons

Expansion #4 will have the basic Mars 1980's approach.

All of the games could played in sequence in monster campaign game as well.

LIFTOFF Mars will be self contained as well as working in campaign mode.
It would include the 1980's and the 90's and the 2020 and the current plans.

Then down the road if this is a success... do a Liftoff! Moon - Gold Addition - with colour and greater visual improvement... and then LIFTOFF Mars GOLD... the design is all basically done.. just the rules need some streamlining...

Ideally this may drum up interest in a new computer version as well in stages... Moon and Mars... and multiplayer

First off there will be a new map board... with add-on Maps with each expansion along with the goodies that come with it.

Feel free to forword this info to those interested...and various websites.

That's great news, and could someone please explain to me why Fritz Bronner, who is an unbelievably good game designer, hasn't been signed by a software company to make another computer game?

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