Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3 Post #2--Microsoft Press Conference: Has Anyone Seen the Bridge? Where's That Confounded Bridge?

Sony stumbles into E3, covered in their own puke, croaks about a $100 price cut, and collapses. When they roll over as they dry heave, their head winds up under Microsoft's steel-toed boot.

So what does Microsoft do?


Incredibly, Microsoft did absolutely nothing at the E3 press conference to press their advantage. No price cut. No stealth price cut. No new exclusives.

No future, strangely, as the focus of their presentation was that all (well, almost all) of the games they were showing were coming out by the end of 2007.

It's easy to see what they were trying to do--focus on the crushing number of excellent games that are coming out for the system in the next five months--but good grief, give us a taste of the future, at least.

Oh, and they introduced a four button controller that they should have just gone ahead and called My First Imitation Wii Controller. Except it doesn't have motion sensing.

Blech. It would have been one thing to swing and miss, but hell, Microsoft didn't even take a swing.

They may well still hammer Sony this fall, but they could have "more bettered" hammered them with a price cut.

Three words: "press the advantage."

And Nintendo? Nintendo is long, long gone.

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