Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Eagerly Awaited Urinal Links Post

First a trickle, then--well, you know.

Before the links, a moment of pure mathematics from long-time reader Geoff Engelstein that is the stuff of urinal legend:
As a (nerdy) youth I spent idle moments, umm, doing my business figuring out the fewest and greatest number of people that could be at N urinals such that no two are adjacent, and any new person would have to stand next to someone else. In case you are curious:

U-Min = N/3 (FRU)
U-Max = N/2 (FRU)

Where U-Max and U-Min are the greatest and least number of people you can have at urinals with no two adjacent and a new person forced to have a neighbor. N is the number of urinals and FRU means round fractions up.

So if there are seven urinals and two are in use, a third person will always be able to find a 'private' urinal.

Okay, that would be the greatest t-shirt ever:
U-Min = N/3 (FRU)
U-Max = N/2 (FRU)

Now, here are the links (submitted by many, but hopefully not "the great unwashed," so to speak):
The Urinal Game, a quiz you can take about your urinal selection skills.
Male Restroom Etiquette, a wonderfully clever YouTube video. Also, a brilliant use of the phrase "lavatorial discomfort."
Another Urinal Test
Wikipedia Entry for "Urinal"
Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys (Amazon link), which includes a detailed urinal selection guide.

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