Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gaming Notes +1

Sorry, meant to include this with the gaming notes post this morning and just forgot.

Tim McGuire has been keeping me updated on an issue with Battlefield 2 that has been ongoing for over a month. Battlefield 2 has a detailed rank and rewards system (a primary feature of the game), but players are no longer getting points awarded properly after a round. Some servers work properly, some don't, and it's a giant train wreck in general.

That sounds like an obscure issue, but not if you're a hardcore player of the game, and Battlefield 2 has some extraordinarily dedicated players. EA's claimed on more than one occasion that the issue has been resolved, but it hasn't been--there are large numbers of people still having the same problems.

To make things even worse, even the Battlefield 2 forums are having issues--the primary post about stats issues has to be periodically "re-opened" as a new post. Just that single thread would be several hundred pages long if it hadn't been split up.

So if you're thinking about buying Battlefield 2--or playing it--you might monitor the forums here until the issue has been resolved.

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