Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guitar Hero III

Michael Dunn sent me an interesting counterpoint to my Guitar Hero III/Rock Band post yesterday, and here it is:
I was at the Guitar Hero III preview event in San Francisco. Battle Mode was actually the most fun I had during the entire thing, and I came into it wanting to hate it. Yes, it does resemble Mario Kart a bit with the power-up thing, but to my surprise it was highly addictive and loads of fun. After some thought on the matter I realized that it took the Guitar Hero gameplay into a slightly more 'arcade-style' gameplay, it really seemed like something you would find in some quirky japanese arcade. In my opinion, it is the major feature that GH3 has that pulls away from it's predecessors (and from a guitar-only mode in Rock Band, possibly), and I urge you not to judge it too harshly before you try it. Also of note, each tier does not have a boss battle- there are only three in the whole game.

Well-spoken. I'm still gritting my teeth, but that's an eloquent defense.

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