Thursday, November 29, 2007

MSNBC: Through the Looking Glass

I've always like MSNBC as a Web source for news, but their headlines and story juxtaposition have become increasingly strange. Today, the lead story was "Late Shift Linked to Increased Cancer Risk." A few headlines below that, I saw "The Body Odd: Why Do Dudes Like Big Boobs?"

I understand putting headlines in groups--for example, something like this:
I.Q. Under 50? This Is For You!
Jenna's Jubblies Cause Consternation At Dedication
Emancipation Proclamation Written With Constipation, Lincoln Historian Reveals
Chimp Chucks Chips At Cranky Keeper

But can I keep those big boobs out of my news, please?

Plus MSNBC has redesigned their site navigation to bizarre effect. Now, if you ever accidentally move your mouse across the news categories in the left-hand pane, huge menus of stories pop up automatically, so unless you position the cursor in the center of the page--and keep it there no matter what--you wind up with story lists popping up all over the place.

As hard as I have to try to keep that cursor in the right place, I don't know if I'm reading a website or trying to crack a safe.

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