Monday, June 09, 2008

Gaming Links: the Good, the Also Good, Other Stuff That's Good, and I Actually Moved the Ugly Into An Entirely Separate Post For Tomorrow

2K games announced today that the new expansion for Civ IV will be Civ IV: Colonization.

That's right. Colonization, and if you remember the original, you're probably just as pleased as I am. There are loads of details in the official press release.

Patrick let me know that Popehat has assembled a giant collection of Oblivion mods into a single package, complete with installer and documentation. Here are the details:
Announcing the Popehat Oblivion Omod Project, or as we like to call it, POOP.

Created by our friend, commenter, and forum member
triggercut, POOP is a compilation of the best mods produced for Oblivion, a set which will improve graphics, immersion, story, mechanics, and more, making what we hope might be the perfect Oblivion experience. The POOP project is easy. It self-installs and contains documentation for setup. And it’s big. So big that you’re going to have to get it by torrent if you want it.

That's exactly what I want after I build my new system, but you don't have to wait--here's the post that explains all the details.

Matt Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column has a new installment, which you can read here.

Brian Minsker sent me a link to an interesting court case that involves the First Sale Doctrine as it applies to software. In this case, its AutoCAD, and the case is important in terms of how it may more clearly define the issue of license versus purchase. Here's the article.

Keith Schleicher wrote a preview of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and he mentions that the boss battles are now optional. Thank goodness.

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