Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clarence Darrow Left a "Do Not Revive" Order

Kotaku has the scoop on what happened in Jack Thompson's disciplinary hearing before the Florida bar this afternoon. To no one's surprise, Thompson brought his insanity shovel and is digging as fast as he can. Here's an excerpt:
The Florida Bar asked for an "enhanced disbarment" in the disciplinary hearing of Jack Thompson, held earlier this afternoon. The recommendation means Thompson would be disbarred and prohibited from applying to practice law again for ten years, according to 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida spokesperson Eunice Sigler.

Thompson's disciplinary hearing apparently ended in the attorney walking out of the courtroom after saying the judge did not have the authority to hear his case, a reader who sat in on the hearing told us.

The case proceeded without Thompson's presence and the Florida Bar issued its recommendation for the enhanced disbarment. Judge Dava Tunis' specific recommendations for sanctions will be included in her official report, to be due to the Florida Supreme Court by September 2nd.

...Before walking out of the courtroom, Thompson filed what he called "Thompson's Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions Hearing." In the rambling, 4,500-word objection, Thompson questioned Tunis' ability to preside at his hearing, calling her incompetent and arrogant and threatening to have her removed from office "in the days and weeks ahead." He also went on to call the people run The Florida Bar fascists and denied that he was involved some sort of "petty culture war."

I'd like to have a list of all the people Thompson has called "fascist" over the years. I believe it would run for several pages, single-spaced.

Thompson also filed a 4,500 word objection to anything and everything. I wanted to quote a few choice excerpts for you, but it's so rambling and so strange that it's impossible to choose a highlight--it's all a highlight.

Strange days, indeed, and you can read it all here.

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