Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunny Day Sky

There was a post over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun on Friday about Sunny Day Sky, another game by Ferry Halim (Orisinal).

If you've never played the games at Orisinal, it's impossible to appreciate their gentle nature. They're beautiful and absolutely unique, with a remarkable sense of style, and most importantly, they're fun.

"Sunny Day Sky" features a teddy bear and an umbrella, and when the umbrella is opened, the bear is swept over traffic. The goal is to fly over as many cars as possible, landing on top of one when necessary, then taking off again.

Goofy? Just try to stop playing it.

It also features the most irresistably attractive music I've ever heard. I've even minimized the game window and just let the music play in the background. It sounds like something from a Doris Day film.

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