Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Head Coach, Madden patches

In the best news of my entire football season, Head Coach is getting patched. The fix list is here, and it covers at least 90% of my original criticisms of the game. In other words, with the successful completion of the patch, people will be playing this game for the next five years, because it's just that good.

Also, I'm always hammering the Madden team (for what I think are entirely justified reasons), but they've also announced a second patch with a substantial list of fixes (list here). That's a much better effort than they've made in the past, and much more prompt. Also, this was mentioned:
We have officially started building the "Sim Madden Gamer" DLC pack, which includes Accelerated Clock, a "Classic" Controller Configuration, CPU Sliders, and Community Gamerpics for 360. I'll state again that there's no promise that this goes through, but we have nearly every one of these features actually 'done' internally, so now we have to figure out how to get Microsoft and Sony to allow us to release them.

Two things. One, the easy way to make sure that something is in the game is too include it in the shipping version. The accelerated clock, controller configuration, and CPU sliders were ALREADY IN last year's game, and the dumbasses took them out. Two, if EA tries to charge us for this (the phrase "DLC pack" seems ominous), the Madden community will go thermonuclear. [UPDATE: the original post has already been updated with the phrase "totally free," so no worries here.]

Thankfully, that's not going to be my problem. Head Coach is great, and Madden's franchise mode is so weak that I'm not interested.

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