Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Holiday

As many of you know, today is a national holiday in the United States. It's The Only Company Licensed By The NFL Releases Their Pro Football Game And We Rapidly Discover That The A.I. Was Programmed By Fourth Graders Day.

Yes, I went out and bought the Collector's Edition this morning just for Head Coach. Yes, I feel dirty.

The funniest thing about Madden this year (to me) is that Bill Abner has already documented the CPU's refusal to try an onside kickoff in the last minute of games when they're behind. The exact situations under which this failure triggers aren't known, but he saw it twice in the handful of situations where the CPU was behind at the end of the game.

If want to play games against the CPU, that would be the disease equivalent of "terminal illness."
That's not funny, but I'm willing to bet that almost none of the "reviewers" will even mention this in their review. Somehow, that is funny. And it won't surprise me in the least if it doesn't even get patched.

Note to EA: the CPU has to try to win. Please make a note.

If you'd like to track what's guaranteed to be a huge thread--bug reporting--the Operation Sports thread is here.

However, everything I've heard (from qualified sources) about Head Coach is quite positive. So I'm going to start with Head Coach and keep my fingers crossed.

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