Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NHL 09 Patch (360, PS3)

I've written at length about the "fantastic-ness" of NHL 09, and I saw today that a patch is being released for the console versions. As an example of how they're trying to make this a hockey game instead of an arcade game, take a look at a few notes about the patch from David Littman:
--Checking has been tuned so you will see less big hits from guys that aren't traditionally known for hitting.
--Increased the height of dump ins, for a better dump and chase game.
--We have fixed the goals from outside shots that people are scoring. We have reduced shot accuracy when on the rush and when turning quickly, and from far out. You will now have to be more conservative when shooting on the rush. If you aim all the way to the left or right, your shot will go wide a lot more...There's a reason NHL players don't shoot from outside on the rush very often. Dumping or trying to set up is a better play unless you have an odd-man situation.

Hitting was my #1 issue, so I'm really pleased to see that being addressed, and I'm tremendously impressed with how the developers have listened to serious players and tried to address their gameplay concerns.

See the full patch list here.

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