Wednesday, October 22, 2008

September NPD: Another View

Matt Matthews, who is hands-down the best "numbers guy" analyzing the gaming industry, has his take on the September NPD numbers here.

A few data points from Matt's article:
--NPD tie ratios for September indicate that the 360 (8.1) enjoys a significantly higher tie ratio than either the Wii (5.5) or the PS3 (5.3).
--the Wii has sold over 34 million units of software this year. The 360 has sold 27 million. The PS3 has sold about 18 million (reading from the graph).

There is lots and lots of good stuff in Matt's analysis, as always. Oh, one more thing. He notes that "Analysts seems to generally agree that the videogame industry demonstrates a large degree of independence of economic conditions." That's true, but if anyone is going to get hit by economic conditions this fall, it's clearly going to be Sony, because of their price.

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