Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Wand Of Considerable Power

Gloria went to Baltimore last weekend, so Eli 7.2 and I got to hang out for three days, which was great. We went to see "City of Ember," watched the Texas-OU football game, went to Eli's soccer game, and in general laughed our asses off.

Or "buttocks," as it were, since Eli heard that on an episode of iCarly and now he says it all the time.

My favorite question of the weekend: "Dad, what would I do better: lifeguard or military commander?"

"A question I've asked myself many times," I answered.

It was a dry weekend, which was no surprise, because it's been incredibly dry down here for months. The soccer field where Eli practices and plays his league games is basically dust on top of dirt. I've mentioned several times in the last few weeks, in the course of discussion, that we really need some rain.

Eli has a good friend named Chloe (see A Few Chocolate Coins and Mr. Stupidhead ), and she has a little sister named Olivia. Yesterday, he was playing at their house.

Gloria bought a wooden wand back from Baltimore (from a Renaissance Festival), and Eli has been investigating its "power." He showed it to Chloe, then they disappeared into her room. When they came out, Eli was wearing black capri pants and a black polo shirt.

From Chloe's closet, of course. I would have paid a considerable sum for a photo of that outfit.

Now suitably dressed in magical garb, he climbed up on a table in the backyard and proceeded to do a rain dance. "Illway ouyay akemay itay ainray, easeplay? I egbay ouyay!" he shouted.

In case you're wondering, that's "Will you make it rain, please? I beg you!" in Pig Latin.

Watching Eli dance is hilarious, because his dances tend to be somewhat, um, frenzied. His Indian name would be Man Dancing On Tacks.

So Eli started this goofy dance, waved his wand around--and it started to rain. Buckets. Gloria drove them home in a downpour.

I can only hope that Chloe and Olivia now believe that Eli can really make it rain.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain pounding our windows. It's almost five p.m. now, and it's been raining all day.

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