Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contest Semi-finalists

Kevin (smithwb1)
Adam Greenbrier
Chris Connolly
Frank Regan
Gus Alagna
Irwan Tjan
Jess Moran
Jonathan Clement
Kelley Whitmire
Matt Blackmon
Matt Culp
Matt Cantrell
Mike Plagge
Matt Nowicki
Paul Baxter
Spencer Greenwood
Nathan W.
Ryan Shalek
Alex Corvino

Yes, that's twenty, not sixteen. I upped it slightly to compensate for the number of entries.

Tomorrow morning, I'll announce the eight finalists, and by end of day tomorrow, the two grand prize winners. Remember, if you're a finalist, you're guaranteed a copy of Graham's CD (five available) or a copy of Music Wars: Rebirth (one available).

Thanks very much to everyone who entered.

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